The game

Putting together a squad from the best players in the Champions League does not come cheap, so we`ve been kind and handed you a £100m war chest to spend. Simple? In theory, yes, though in practice it`s important that you pick out the hidden gems to complement the superstar names.

You`ve got until the big kick-off on September 17 at 1845 GMT to finalise your starting squad before the transfer amnesty comes to an end. Any signing or selling of players during this amnesty will not impact on your transfer allocation for the season. Once the game gets under way, you'll have 12 transfers to use wisely across the Group Stage of the Champions League. That's enough to correct early mistakes, pull out injury victims or remould your squad this side of Christmas. There is then a new allocation of eight transfers for each knockout phase of the competition.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with our new transfer system, which has been designed to make transfers easier. You can browse the market in the Player List area before going to the transfer market to make your changes.

You can still join the game after the competition has started, but you will not score any points for past gameweeks which you have missed.

Moving a player from your bench to the pitch when picking your 11-team team for a gameweek does not cost you a transfer, it only applies to replacing a player from your squad in the transfer market.

The values of players will NOT fluctuate in the Champions League game.

You also name a team captain for each gameweek and his points tally will be doubled. You can change this player for every round of games if you so wish. The captain's area can be found via the drop down menu on the right of a gameweek line-up page. If you fail to select a captain then no player will score double points.

After your squad is complete, you need to try and find the perfect line-up for every gameweek. You must submit an 11-man team for each gameweek, and only these 11 players can score points towards your score. You must look at each gameweek differently based on the fixture list, and choose the best 11 to score the most points on a week-to-week basis.

Each gameweek will be different based on the fixture list, so you have to chose the best 11 to score the most points on a week-to-week basis.

Your team can play in any of the following formations: 5-3-2, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-4-1, 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 3-5-2. Players can only play in their designated position. For example, you can't play a designated defender as an striker.

Players will be given a designated position for the fantasy game. Where they play in a match is irrelevant to the scoring. Their points will be calculated based upon their fantasy position. In a change for this season, you must set the order of your subs, should they be needed. No longer will the highest-scoring substitute automatically come on. This is to prevent managers trying to beat the system by buying one of the cheapest players who does not play for their club and playing them on the pitch each week.

To make it more fun you can challenge your friends and colleagues in your own private leagues. Will you win the bragging rights? And as a mini-league creator you can challenge other mini-leagues to a duel to see which can score the most points.

Your team

Have a look at the list of available players on the transfer market and set up your squad. It`s one squad per manager and multiple squads will be deleted.

You have a budget of £100m to set up your squad. You must have 15 players in your squad - otherwise it is invalid and won't score points. Squads must consist of at least:

There will then be four additional squad places which must be filled as a manager wishes. Will you spend big on strikers or save budget by signing defenders?

You can have a maximum of three players from each individual club in the league. This limit is raised throughout the competition as teams are knocked out: Round of 16 (4), Quarter-finals (5), semi-finals (6), final (8).

From your squad you select 11 players to form your starting team each gameweek. Only starting players will earn points for your team. To change your starting 11, click on the player graphic and you will be given the available options from your bench. If, for instance, you want to play another defender you must change formation to do this.

Should one of your starting 11 not actually play in a gameweek, then a player from the same position on your bench will come on. Only a player who plays in the same position can come on.

In a change for this season, you must set the order of your subs, should they be needed. No longer will the highest-scoring substitute automatically come on. This is to prevent managers trying to beat the system by buying one of the cheapest players who does not play for their club and playing them on the pitch each week.

Please note that your team and any changes will save automatically. There is no save button.

There is ONE deadline for every gameweek. This deadline is the first kick-off of the gameweek. Any changes to your team (substitutions, transfers, formations) will come into effect for the next deadline. If you don`t make any changes to your team the current team will continue to score points for you. The gameweek fixtures are displayed to the right of your pitch.

Round Date Teams Transfers* Players/team** Budget***
Group Stage, 1. Match Day 17, Sep 2013, 18, Sep 2013
Group Stage, 2. Match Day 1, Oct 2013, 2, Oct 2013
Group Stage, 3. Match Day 22, Oct 2013, 23, Oct 2013 32 12 3 £100m
Group Stage, 4. Match Day 5, Nov 2013, 6, Nov 2013
Group Stage, 5. Match Day 26, Nov 2013, 27, Nov 2013
Group Stage, 6. Match Day 10, Dec 2013, 11, Dec 2013
First knockout round I 18, Feb 2014 16 8 4 £113m
First knockout round II 11, Mar 2014
Quarter Final I 1, Apr 2014 8 8 5 £113m
Quarter Final II 8, Apr 2014
Semifinal I 22, Apr 2014 4 8 6 £113m
Semifinal II 29, Apr 2014
Final 24, May 2014 2 8 8 £113m

* Transfers: Number of possible transfers will be reset to X after every stage
** Players/club: A user's team may have up to X players of a single club within this stage
*** The budget level will be decided at the end of each round dependent on a number of factors

The following formations are possible:

Once a gameweek is over and points have been finalised, select the gameweek from the dropdown box to view your line-up. You can then see the points tally for that particular gameweek. It will also show which players, if any, have automatically been substituted from the bench.

You can modify your squad throughout the season in the transfer market. Whenever a gameweek deadline has passed, though, any changes you have made to your squad will not come into scoring effect until the next gameweek, as the current gameweek deadline will have passed.

You will have 12 transfers to last you the whole group stage. Eight additional transfers will be added for each knockout round. Transfers CANNOT be carried over to the next competition stage.


Every manager goes into the overall league, but it's much more fun to take on your friends and colleagues in a mini-league. There is no limit to the number of mini-leagues you can join. You can allow anyone to join your mini-league, protect it with a password or only allow managers who support the same club to join in. Simply go to My Leagues and go through the process of either joining or creating a league. All created leagues are visible via a dropdown menu. When ranking mini-leagues we take an average score from a number of teams, so there is no advantage to have a large number of teams in your league.

  • Set up your own league or join a friend`s league. You can also upload your own league logo and choose a motto
  • Set a password, if you wish, so that only your chosen friends can join your league
  • Set a password so that only your best mates can join your league
  • Not enough being in one league? No problem, you can join as many as you like

League evaluation

A league`s value/score is performed by creating the average value of the different members` points. In order to not disadvantage leagues with a large numbers of members, these leagues will have the worst result out of every five results removed.

Example: the league "Super-11" has six members so one (the lowest scoring) team can be removed.

Points member A 17
Points member B 12
Points member C 15
Points member D 9
Points member E 3 (discarded)
Points member F 12
Overall score = (17 + 12 + 15 + 9 + 12) : 5 = 13

Decimal places are rounded off.

Fan League

When creating a fan league you can choose between an open league or a fan league. Access to fan leagues will only be granted to members who share the same favourite club.

Scoring system

Every player receives points for what he does on the pitch, based on the statistic analysis of the match. Depending on their success players will receive positive or sometimes even negative points. The following points are awarded during the evaluation:

Every player receives points based upon their performance in the League. Points are awarded as follows:

All players  
Player is lined up in starting eleven 2
Player appears as sub during the game 1
Key contribution * (Assist) 2
Yellow card -1
Red Card -3
Penalty miss -3
Own goal -2
Clean Sheet 4
Goal conceded -1
Goal scored 10
Penalty save 3
Every 3 shots saved by a goalkeeper 1
Clean Sheet 4
Goal conceded -1
Goal scored 8
Clean Sheet 1
Goal scored 6
Goal scored 4

* A Key Contribution (assist) is awarded to a player who plays the final successful pass which leads to a goal. Please note that Key Contributions are not awarded to players who are fouled for free-kicks or penalties which lead to goals, for own goals or for goals which result from rebounds off other players or the woodwork.

Your team captain, which you can change for each gameweek, will score double points.


Q: How much does it cost to play game?
A: It is completely free.

Q: Do the players' values change?
A: No, not for the Champions League game.

Q: Will my substitutes receive points?
A: If one of your players from the starting 11 you have submitted for a gameweek doesn`t play then a substitute will replace him after the gameweek has finished. Only a player from the same position can come on so, for instance, if a midfielder does not play but you don't have a midfielder on the bench then no player will be substituted on. In a change for this season, you must set the order of your subs, should they be needed. No longer will the highest-scoring substitute automatically come on. This is to prevent managers trying to beat the system by buying one of the cheapest players who does not play for their club and playing them on the pitch each week.

Q: How do I see how many points my players have?
A: Select a previous gameweek to see how many points you have scored. Also, you can look at your squad stats for a full breakdown. Player profiles will also show their performance across the season.

Q: How can I change my profile, team name and my favourite team?
A: Click on your user name in the log-in section. This is where you can edit your profile, add a picture and change your team details.

Q: How can I upload an image for my leagues?
A: Your picture must have the following dimensions: 120 x 120 px, format: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, size: 100 KB max. Simply go to the League page and submit the image.


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